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What is #paid?

#paid is a platform that connects social media influencers with brands to collaborate on campaigns together. This can be in the form of content created specifically for the brand to use or sponsored content that influencers post on their own social media channels. Currently we are focused primarily on Instagram.

How does #paid work?

We offer a roster of thousands of Influencers that brands can search and sort through. Once a brand finds an influencer, they can send a collaboration request that includes a campaign brief with timing, deliverables and any other important campaign details. If the influencer accepts, a chat will open and the brand and influencer can begin collaborating. When the Influencer uploads a preview of the content, the brand can formally approve. The Influencer will then post the content at the pre-approved time.

Why does #paid have to be included in posts?

#paid is used to disclose that the content is a paid-for post. Disclosure is mandated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). #paid also accepts tagging the @hashtagpaid Instagram account.

What social media channels does #paid support?

Currently, our self-serve platform supports collaborations around Instagram posts only.

What currency is used on #paid?

All payment amounts are listed in USD.